This Love That I’m Feeling

FCF38573-2929-4C13-B491-12CD9E788FD0This Love That I’m Feeling

I awaken to your light, your smell, the morning dew.
You are everything I love. My beloved, my life.
You are the thoughts I string into possibilities.
My dreams, the pages of a book.
We fit together, intermingling ourselves
into the words of the other’s sentences.
You are the verbs to my nouns.
Your truth is my metaphor.
I am carried the way the space carries
the next word, or exclamation point.
This story we are writing is created with both our hands.
I exist because of you. You are because of me.
This poem, this dance. It never ends.
The tragedies, the joys, the superlatives.
Each grateful moment fills you with a reflection of me.
And me, I exist only as a unique expression of you.
This is what I was created for.
To experience this love you give to me.

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