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“I Am Here!” This is more than a declaration. It is a revelation. I love being in this body, separate and part of something greater. The finite existence of this life is the true gift. I feel free – atop of the world.

At some juncture on my journey I chose a different route — to follow no man but myself and to have no god but life. I am here to live each day, to grow in wisdom, and to expand in my ability to love. I read, I write, I think, and I dream. I howl at full moons and laugh at myself often. I am Tao Writer.

B99AFA2F-D25F-4E8B-8FB9-85BC58A41961 The Writings Of Tao Writer

BB1FF4B5-A150-4942-B7DB-C0717128B26C A Writer’s Diary

98884759-5C7D-4555-88C3-580D29CD2D2C The Philosopher

44D944EA-2526-41E1-ADD4-E60837EA24F7 Loja Magica

6CAD6AAB-A0DC-4C7D-BC4A-CCEBC92C89C0 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration

D5D857E1-5E43-41F4-8411-DECCDD41BDD0 The Poems Of Tao Writer

d6ad4d51-30a4-4ae6-a93a-f2c61125a3f6 The Roll Of The Tomebamba

C3482B64-09B3-4437-ADE0-89DDA7D214FA The Fiji Chronicles

Header Image: Charles Bukowski believed one of the best places to experience the true grittiness of life was in a local bar, and for many years he lived above one in Los Angeles. This is one of my favorite, also in Los Angeles. Photograph by Tao Writer.

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