Directory The Writings Of Tao Writer

A – B

A Brief Encounter

A Busy Week For Savusavu

A Cup Of Tea

A Dialogue On God Part I

A Dialogue On God Part II

A Hotel Citizen

A Little Yellow Wagon

A Magical Christmas Morning

A Matter Of Time

A Measured Perspective

A Meeting With Myself

A Pharmacy In My Front Yard

A Room Of My Own

A Serendipitous Occasion

A Soul Reader – Oliver Sacks

A Speck Of StarDust

About Last Night


Acceptance & Forgiveness

Acceptance – What The World Needs Now


Alchemy Of Love

Alive On The Edge of NowHere

An Accident

An Interview With Myself Part I

An Interview With Myself Part II

An Island Perspective

April 30, 1999

Artist Of Life


Be Still And Dance

Being And Nothingness

Being In Love

Beliefs Part I

Beliefs Part II

Breathing UnderWater

Brothers – Hermanos

C – D

Christmas Time In Fiji


Date With Solitude

Day One

Deceit’s Tangled Web


Does Life Get Better With Age?

Donald Trump Is A Tyrant — Beware!

Dream Of Dying

Dream of Execution

Dreams Of A Kiss

E – F

Enlightenment – What Is It, Really?






Faith & Hope


Feasting On My Life

Find Your Own Shtick

Flags As Symbols Of Racism And Genocide

Foibles Of Fiji

Free To Be Me


Friends In A Different Realm

G – H

Go Wild & Bloom!




Gratitude II

Growing Old



Happy New Year From Ecuador

Hate – The Word

Here We Are, Again

Here, Dreaming Of There

Hey Nigger – The Power Of A Word

Home Coming

Hope A Parable

How Did I Get Here?

How Does One Know God?

I – J

I Am Here!

I Am Here-The Poem

I Am Not Me Anymore, At Least I’m Not The Same Me I Was

I Am Selfish

I Am…

I Know You Have A Beautiful Body

I Love Therefore I Am

I Remember

I Want

I Will Write All Day


If I Should Die Before I Wake

If I Were King

If You Had Ten Minutes To Live

If You’re Not Outraged…


In The Absence Of Time

In The Midst Of Amazement

Inside The RainBow



Invisible Hands

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Love

It’s Fiji Time

K – L

Keeping Memories Alive


Know ThySelf

Land Of The Free

Language — The Tower Of Babel

Layers Of Memory

Let Us Not Forget

Let’s Not Say Good Bye

Letting Go

Life, Death, And Creativity

Life Under The Influence

Life’s Greatest Gift

Life’s Greatest Loss

Life’s Greatest Transition

Life’s Last Day

Life, Death, And Creativity


Live In The Layers

Live Your Life

Living In Different Worlds

Loneliness And The Solitude Of Aging

Love Simplified

M – N

Mad As Hell


Manifesto For Living



Milestones Of Age – What Is Real?

Mix With The Infinite


Morning Dance

Mother’s Day


My Best Friend, Solitude

My Dinner With Kamal

My Father’s Son

My New Perfect Roommate

Never Kiss And Tell

New Beginnings

No Escape

NoBody But MySelf


O – P

O’ To Be Human

Of Love, Remembrance

On Being A Witness

On Being Human

One Word


Please Do Not Call Me African American

Preparing For The Unexpected

Proust Questionnaire

Q – R – S

Race And Political Posturing

Rape And White Privilege In America


Reading Poetry At Three O’clock In The Morning

Remember To Remember

Resolutions – An Assessment


Resurrection – Life UnMasked

Rollo Del Tomebamba I – Tell Me What It Is…

Rollo Del Tomebamba II – Cuenca Parks

Rollo Del Tomebamba III – Destruction And Life

Rollo Del Tomebamba IV – The Raging Waters

Rollo Del Tomebamba V – Silence

Rollo Del Tomebamba VI – Think With Heart

Rollo Del Tomebamba VII – Street Art

Rollo Del Tomebamba VIII – Balance

Rollo Del Tomebamba IX – A Dialogue With Anger

Rollo Del Tomebamba X – A Transitional Man

Rollo Del Tomebamba XI – Fitting In

Rollo Del Tomebamba XII – Parque Paradiso

Rollo Del Tomebamba XIII – Detachment

Rollo Del Tomebamba XIV – I Am Happy

Rollo Del Tomebamba XV – Inspiration

Rollo Del Tomebamba XVI — Time

Rollo Del Tomebamba XVII —  Sacrifice


Room With A View



Say It

Seduced By Moonlight

Shooting Star


Some Wounds Never Heal

Song Of The Cricket

Stand Undiminished – The Essay

Stand Undiminished – The Poem



Sudden Insight

Sunday Morning


T – U

Take Me Death

Thanks Giving

The Artist Of Being

The Crushing Weight Of Good Bye

The First Time We Touched

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration  — Socrates Black

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter One  — Anaïs Nin

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Two  — Rainer Maria Rilke

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Three  — Emily Dickinson

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Four  — Alan Watts

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Five  — Simone Weil

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Six  — Simone de Beauvoir

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Seven  — Stanley Kunitz

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Eight  — James Baldwin

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Nine  — Henry Miller

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Ten  — May Sarton

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Eleven  — Ursula K Le Guin

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Twelve  — William James

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Thirteen  — Virginia Woolf

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Fourteen  — William Blake

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Fifteen  — Steve Jobs

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Sixteen  — Mary Oliver

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Book II Chapter One  — Oliver Sacks

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Book II Chapter Two  — Gaston Bachelard

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Book II Chapter Three  — Susan Sontag

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Book II Chapter Four  — Martin L King

The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Book II Chapter Five — Seneca

The Golden Age

The Grace Of Small Gestures

The Growing Racial Divide In America

The Hour Of Man

The Knock At The Door

The Last Time We Touched

The Path Of Uncertainty

The Ritual

The Road To Ecuador

The Routine Of No Routine

The Sum Of My Life

The Uninvited Guest

The View From My Window

The Wild Mushroom Omelette

The Written Word

There Are No Niggers Here!

They Just Don’t Understand Me


This Hollow Emptiness In My Soul

This I Believe I Know

This Love That I’m Feeling

This Time Alone

Three O’Clock In The Morning

Time As A Point Of Reference

To Dream

Unplug The Machine

Until Now

V – W


Want Ad

What Goes Up…

What Love Is…

What Matters

What Shall I Do Now?

What’s In A Name?

When Memories Are All That Remain

When Paradise Is No Longer Affordable

When You Get To The Mountain Top…

Where Do Poems Come From?

Who Am I?

Why Ecuador?

Why I Write

Why Is Life Worth Living


X – Y – Z

You Are The Fool!