Epitaph Son to my parents Brother to older sibling Student to wisdom Husband to wife Father to daughter Beloved to some Enemy to none Loner to people Human to earth Dreamer to stars Life to death Dust to existence

About Last Night

About Last Night I enjoyed our time last night, the meal, the music, the shared intimacy, the kissing, the touching, the holding of your body. The way we lavished each other, before briefly falling asleep together


Magic I love the feeling when magic is inseparable from life. All the elements are in play. The ocean pulling silently upon sand. The moon, though there, is invisible. A wading bull seal watches his mate posing statuesquely, upon dry shore. We watch each other through a fog penetrable only by interception of blue, brown …

Being In Love

Being In Love ...When you are highly sensitized to love, when you vibrate deeply, sexually, bodily,   ...the being is enlarged, its capacity highly increased. —Anaïs Nin I miss being in love, that sacred Logos between a woman and a man, a goddess and a god, between two souls unmasked. I miss the smile on …