​I Am Here! – The Poem

FCF38573-2929-4C13-B491-12CD9E788FD0 There is one other thing to know…when you have expressed yourself to the fullest, then and only then will it dawn upon you that everything has already been expressed, not in words alone but in deed, and that all you need really do is say Amen! — Henry Miller

I watched as you swirled through space
a molten fragment of a star
and took your place third from the sun.
While you were still an infant wrapped in the
heat of your own creation,
I bathed in your red hot lava flows
pushed upward from your heart’s core.
Using your clouds of steam for stepping stones,
I climbed into your heavens and placed the stars
into the sky to navigate your journey through existence.
From your boiling seas, I watched you transform
from amoeba to fish and then crawl onto the land.
I forced the wind through your gills
and breathed your first breath into your lungs.
I rode on the backs of mastodons and led them
from the icy grotto of their death.
I watched as a proud mother your first erect steps.
When you stumbled, I gave you courage.
When you fell, I gave you hope.
And when you left this world, I gave you wonder.

I am the air you breathe,
the water you drink,
the vegetation which feeds your body.
I am the voice which speaks to you in whispers
and consoles you in your sleep.
I am the doorkeeper of your dreams
and the guardian of your fears.
I am the blood flowing in your veins
and every thought your mind interprets.
I am the love you feel when you don’t know why.
The tears you shed for both sorrow and joy.
I am life itself, and I am everywhere.
I am here, (mind) I am here, (body) I am here (soul).


Manifesto For Living

A manifesto is a public declaration of goals and aims. The development of a personal manifesto most often appears to its author in pieces. The full manifesto itself may take years to develop. It may even take a life time. Very seldom is it immediate unless it comes in the form of a dream or an awakening experience. This is the story of how my personal manifesto came into being.

The first piece of my manifesto developed around twenty years ago. I had just started writing and publishing my poetry. Because I did not want to get involved with the politics of publishing companies, I decided to crate my own platform for the publication of my writings. Thus Transformation Publications was born. For an icon of the company, I searched through thousand of free, public clip art images. Until I found the symbol I still use today. A black and white image of a boy riding on the back of a butterfly. As I became more proficient in the features of my computer, I added color to the butterfly’s wings and body to create the image above.

This symbol for me represented freedom and independence. Two topics which have been  woven into my very essence.

The first words of my manifesto were a revelation even to me. They were necessary to establish my new existence in this world. They were three simple but very powerful words: I Am Here! These words comprised the title of my first blog and for many years were the only words of my manifesto.

As a philosopher it was not enough to have a statement of acknowledgement, I also needed to know the reason for that admission. It has been the mission of my adult life to grow in wisdom and to expand my ability to love. More recently the mission to live each day also became a part of my mainstream thinking.

When one has a life mission, the means to accomplish that mission must be clearly understood. The best way to accomplish it is by doing those things you love most in life and for me those things are reading, writing, thinking, and dreaming. Included in this manifesto is a bit a levity which is important to life, I howl at full moons and laughs at myself when I start to take life too seriously.

So my manifesto is this:

I am here to live each day, to grow in wisdom, and to expand my ability to love. I read, I write, I think, and I dream. I howl at full moons and laugh at myself often.

The painting above was done by Kathy Fay in 2005 for which I was the model and is now used as my personal avatar.