Being fully present isn’t something that happens once and then you have achieved it; it’s being awake to the ebb and flow and movement and creation of life, being alive to the process of life itself. Pema Chödrön (July 14, 1936 -) You were here this morning when I woke lying somewhere between the rays …


Manifest plainness, Embrace simplicity, Reduce selfishness, Have few desires. —Lao-Tzu It’s happening again— the swelling of waves inside this vessel I call my body. I become the ocean and the sky. I am the stars spreading light across this darkness. Everything is inside of me In this world where I am everything.


Desires At what point do we no longer desire our desires? Like a dream forgotten in an instant. The details no longer alive— Hiding there in the corners of the foreboding dark shadows. Do we forget, So that we might dream again, of the things we so desire?